How to Market Yourself in Today’s Digital Era

Do you have a Facebook account? Are you on LinkedIn? How about twitter?

Odds are pretty good that the answer is yes to at least some of those questions no matter what you do for a living. It is also quite likely that if you are on here and reading this what you do for a living, or pastime or what you would like to be doing has something to do with the internet and marketing.

If you are familiar in any way with internet marketing then the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has some meaning to you. The basic concept is to make it easier for the major search engines to be able to find your website or business when people search for terms that are relevant to your business or even search for your business directly.

In addition to this external SEO, your online website should be set up in a way that allows the search engines to index it easily and correctly and social media outlets should be leveraged to push people towards your site.

Yes, that is all old news and very basic, and if any of that is unfamiliar then a few quick Google searches or even looking through the archives here will provide a lot of basic information on it. My question is this –

If you know how to make it easier for search engines to find a website and social media to leverage people to website why do you not use those same skills and techniques to make your most valuable asset more valuable?

Your most valuable asset is you. If you have anything to do with working on the internet be assured at times you will be the search criteria for a Google search. If you are attempting to make money in any way on the internet your value is in part determined based on your online reputation and the results of that search.

Simple Steps to Market Yourself

Make your own website.

Not an about me page on some other website or service, register a domain, preferably using your name or a close approximation to it and make a simple one or two page WordPress site saying something about you and what you do and an email to contact you. It will cost under$50 for a domain and hosting for a year. The most basic hosting package you can find will be more than adequate and all can be done in a couple of hours.

Sign up for social media sites

that you are not already a member of. Some people like to have a ‘professional’ or ‘work’ one separate from their actual real social one; that is up to you. In all of the social media outlets include a link to your personal website.

Create a Facebook  page

and use it as an online resume (the same concept can be used for your personal website). Update the page every time you do anything of significance at all in your line of work.

On twitter let people know if you do a job, write a guest piece on a blog, whatever is in any way pertinent to your desired line of work.

To market yourself, use the most basic time proven SEO strategy of getting links in desirable places to improve your ranking and reputation. Do a few very carefully well-written pieces and submit as a guest on professional and pertinent blogs using the byline to market yourself and your personal website. Well written and provocative pieces will get shares and followers.

These very simple techniques will not only add credibility to you when somebody Googles you, it will add to the value of your reputation which directly corresponds to the value and pay you will receive for providing goods and services.

Market yourself as aggressively as you market a business, and for all the same reasons.

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